Orbital Cutter

CBI bench orbital cutters are the low-cost and practical solution to cut and bevel almost all types of metal pipe. The cutting is executed by manually rotating the machine mobile part around the pipe and then, with a circular toothed cutter, the pipe is cut with one single rotation. It is powered by a powerful and sturdy electric motor equipped with speed regulator, it suits all pipe diameters and wall thickness allowed. The pipe saws execute a precise, square and clean cutting, making it unnecessary to do any additional prep work on the cut.


  • Clean Right Angle Cut
  • Cold Cut Without Thermal Distortion
  • Fast Pipe Locking
  • Easy Set Up Regardless Of the Diameter
  • Easy Execution Of The Cut Execution Of The Cut In Just a Few Seconds With One Single Rotation Around The Pipe
  • Simultaneous Cutting And Bevelling With Special Cutters
  • Cutting Speed Regulation

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