SC Cold Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machine

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The SC series are portable pipe cold cutting/bevelling machines that are ruggedly designed to perform cold beveling and cutting in the most arduous conditions. The split frame design enables in line pipe to be cut and beveled simultaneously. Various models of cold cutting&bevelling machines cover 1/2"-180" diameter. All types of weld prep can be performed up to 90 mm wall thickness.

TLC Cold Cutting - Bevelling Machine

TLC Cold Cutting Bevelling Machine

Is secured by its tensioning chain, the TLC can be mounted on horizontal or vertical pipe in the field or shop, in an oil-filled ditch or under water. This self-propelled chain drive system maintains continuous out-of-round compensation while providing positive drive under all conditions—for accurate cuts. A standard wall pipe can be cut and beveled with a cutting speed of approximately one minute per 1" (24.5mm) of pipe diameter. Cutting time varies for heavier walls and harder alloys.

Due to its rugged construction, it is not unusual to find these bevelling machines still operating after 10 or more years of Features:

  • Lightweight, low-profile design needs only 10" to 12" (254mm – 304.8mm) of clearance and setup time is ten minutes or less
  • Can be used in explosive conditions, on natural gas, crude product and fuel lines
  • High-speed milling cutters remove .1875" of metal while cutting, leaving the pipe end with a machined finish
  • Any type of weld prep detail can be achieved from a common 30° or 37.5° bevel to multiple-angle J bevels, with counter bore and taper
  • Use of the accessory Guide Track and special wheels allows cutting with machine-shop accuracy even in zero-visibility situations
  • Use the Atmospheric Accessory Package to minimize corrosion caused by saltwater exposure
  • Precision cut tanks and vessels up to 33' dia.