UZ 12 Ultra Light Plate Beveling Machine

UZ12-ultralight bevelling system; the lightest bevelling system with automatic feeding on the market (max. width of bevel 12mm)

The lightest DOUBLE SIDED PLATE BEVELLING machine with automatic feeding.

  1. UZ12 BEVELLING MACHINE - ULTRALIGHT creates welding-ready bevels on linear plates of any shear able material, including iron, steel (up to 60kg/mm2 or 85,000lbs/in²), stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. It cuts bevels from 3 to 35mm in thickness (0-1/8" to 1-3/8"), with a minimum plate width of 60 mm (2-23/64") and minimum plate length of 60mm (2-23/64")
  2. Bevelling of the tubes from ID 95mm is possible with bevelling attachment
  3. The machine performs the bevelling operation at very low noise levels.
  4. The beveling angle is adjustable by the help of the kit for specific angle. Available bevelling angles are 30; 45; 37,5; 22,5 and 50 degrees.
  5. The bevelling machine can be mounted on the piece to be machined in either horizontal or vertical position. The machine can be turned upside down in order to bevel the bottom side of the plate. Both X and K bevels are possible.
  6. Due to the low weight of the beveler, it can be operated by one person only
  7. Inversion allows for creation of a double-sided bevel – no need to rotate or flip heavy material
  8. Functions as a stationary or a moveable station

Technical data:

  1. Working range max.bevel: 12mm
  2. Bevel angle: 30°; 45°; 22,5°; 37,5°; 50°( exchangeable angle kit). Other angles available demand
  3. Thickness shear able materials: from 3 to 35mm (0-1/8" to 1-3/8")
  4. Engine: 400W (7.5 rpm)
  5. Speed of feeding: 1.8m/min (6 ft/min)
  6. Machine weight: 30kg (66lbs)
  7. Dimensions: 470 x 294 x 523mm (8.5" x 11.6" x 20.6")


Internal spring loaded tool dancer holder guarantees an even root face even on out of round pipes as it follows the i/d. of the pipe.

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